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Current Projects

Restoration of 1949 Chris Craft 22' Utility

1949 Chris Craft 22' Utility 1949 Chris Craft 22' Utility 1949 Chris Craft 22' Utility More Pictures...

The Chris Craft is being fully rebuilt in the spirit of the original. Construction details have been adapted to provide the owner with a long-lived boat that will stand up to the rigours of the Queensland climate. All the structural timber is being replaced with New Zealand Kauri, one of the most durable boat-building timbers available. The planking is to be replaced with some very high grade dark Cedar. The interior layout is to be retained, and all the fittings restored to better than new condition.

MacGregor Canoe

MacGregor Canoe MacGregor Canoe

Iain Oughtred designs some of the prettiest and ablest small craft. The MacGregor Canoe is no exception. The boat is being constructed from glued lap plywood with Spruce stems and Oregon keelson, sheer-clamps, and carlins. The spars will be made of Spruce. The sails have been cut by Allwood Sails of Brisbane.

Ness Yawl

Ness Yawl Ness Yawl

We have almost completed the spars for an Iain Oughtred Ness Yawl, prior to commencing construction of the hull after completion of the Chris Craft later this year.

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